Education Power Supply

Electronic switching AC/DC power supply for education

A switching and adjustable power supply for the education sector

A customer wanted to use evolving technology to create a switching & adjustable power supply aimed at teaching in the class room. The brief was simple ‘on a limited budget keep it compact, keep it CE & UL compliant, try to make it look good!’. On a shoe string tooling budget we had the idea that we could keep the electronics encased in sheet metal but use one molding to tie the whole thing together.

Limited Tooling Budget

Using the same plastic part front and back we were able to sandwhich all of the electronics in the center, integrate a carry handle and feet.

CE & UL Approval

Whilst all of the Power Supply electronics carry their own approvals, the design is internally earthed, ventilation holes baffled and heat sources insulated to pass stringent CE & UL Approvals

Off The Shelf Components

Not everything needs to be designed from scratch! Using off the shelf connectors, switches and LED components drastically reduces time scales and set up costs.