Climbing Karabiner Range

Concept range of karabiners

Concept proposal

Without doubt a case study where form most definitely follows function. Squiggle Farm were approached to present a concept range of karabiners exploring evolution of design using the latest manufacturing techniques, material advances & outdoor trends, whilst providing maximum strength at the minimum weight.

Manufacturing Process

Hot forging the aluminum body allows for a near net shape maximizing strength whilst minimizing the material usage.

Laser Etching

Laser etching corporate logos and key safety information simplifies tooling and saves weight on 'molded in' identifications.

Alternative Materials

Replacing stainless steel with titanium saves precious grams.

Optimised Design

Curved spine stops the karabiner cross loading on the gate (the weakest point).


Revised colours not only bring range into current outdoor design trends but also mean they are easy to spot outdoors if dropped.