Children's Curtain Poles

Concept range of curtain poles & accessories

Children's bedroom curtain pole concept

The brief, to create an affordable, fun range that tied in with the clients other offerings. This shows one theme of a range of a larger range of mix and match curtain poles designed specifically for children, presented to a DIY chain to be put into stores across Europe. Expanding on the space theme by using glow in the dark parts to really make the product stand out.

Glow In The Dark

Introducing 'glow in the dark components' makes this product truly individual and makes it really fun, Seriously we'd have this in our bedroom!

Innovative Material Choice

Using a low pressure injected EPDM material for the finials gives a vast range of colours whilst vastly reducing the cost of parts and tooling.

Common Part Rationalisation

Keeping the pole and brackets common components across the range not only reduces cost but allows the end user to create a completely custom product easily in store.