Portable Banner Display

Premium retractable advertising banner

Premium portable banner with high end finish and materials

Tasked to challenge the traditional manufacturing methods, to design a fresh new product.

Plastic materials

Using injection molding over the traditional metal extrusion meant we could drastically decrease the number of components, speed up production time and come up with great aesthetics.

Optimising design

Using FEA we were able to tailor the large injection mouldings with bespoke ribs to stop the product twisting in use whilst minimising the weight of the plastic components.

Design for assembly

From the beginning a key constraint was to hide all assembly fixings, whilst maintaining easy assembly. This was achieved by working on all components side by side.

Premium Product - Premium finish

High gloss top with a textured base, gives the product a floating appearance and a premium lustre. To achieve this, special attention to detail is required from production to end user. Protective film applied to the plastic in production to stop scratching and a bespoke EVA bag to protect the product in shipping and use guarantee the product is always looking its best.