Squiggle Farm

Product Design Studio


We are first and foremost product designers, we take great pride in taking your ideas and turning them into reality.

With over 15 years experience in product design and development across various market sectors, we understand that the lines are blurring between industrial / product design and product launch. With production becoming more globalised we realise that it is more important to spend valuable time with our clients and increased time at the factories, rather than sitting behind a desk. This resulted in us becoming more flexible and mobile.

Realising product Conception to Production and Beyond


Offering bespoke design solutions for a globalised market

Squiggle Farm has been deliberately designed and established as a fast acting, versatile product design consultancy. We believe that in an ever evolving globalised economy, we can offer a better service by directly liaising between our clients and the manufacturer.

We are a U.K. based product design consultancy, with a studio in Hong Kong. Spending time between the UK and Asia gives us quick and easy access to the majority of Asia Pacific manufacturing, enabling us to spend valuable time at the product's source.