LED Arm Lighting

LED High intensity, low power exhibition lighting
Project Info:
  • Project: LED Lighting
  • Industry: Retail & Display
  • Materials: Injection Moulding / Extrusion / Electrical

LED lighting aimed specifically at the indoor display and exhibition market.

Challenged to come up with a range of LED lights specifically for the exhibition and display markets. The main brief to generate as much light as possible, affordably and with the minimum form factor.

Using SMD (Surface Mount Diode) over LED dropped set up costs and boosted efficiency.
Intigrated Heat dissapation
Integrated design takes heat directly from the SMD's to heat sink, eliminating the need for a lens to cover the SMD board. Giving more light in a smaller package whilst staying within the CE lighting regulations.
Linking lights
Adding the ability to 'daisy chain' link lights reduces the number of power supplies required to run the lights, reducing cost and clutter on an exhibition stand.

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